Our Popular Hanging Style

• Our Hanging Style includes your own Personalized Mile Markers strung on a poly-rope with wooden net buoys used as spacers. Each Personalized Mile Marker is topped with a directional sign and anchored with a cypress wood block .

• Each sign is hand-made and protected with 2 layers of paint and 2 layers of spa urethane.

• All the signs are double sided allowing for 360º viewing.

• We calculate the mileage to all your favorite places. Calculations are done two ways; "as the crow flys" for further distances you would normaly fly to and driving mileage, which are places you would normally drive to.

Our Hanging Style makes any backyard or porch more inviting!
Tropical Colors or Earth Tone Colors To Choose From
Our Hanging Style With Tropical Colors Is A Customer Favorite
We Offer Three Select Fonts To Choose From
17 Distressed Colors To Choose From
Our Hanging Style Easily Assembles In Just Minutes!